How Reliable Is Your Smoke Alarm?

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Tragically, every year in Australia, lives are lost in house fires. Victorian law stipulates that smoke alarms, (compliant with AS3786), are compulsory in every home. But not all smoke alarms operate in the same way and offer the same peace of mind.

If a fire starts in your home and you don’t have a working smoke alarm you are*:

  • 4 times more likely to die
  • 26% more likely to suffer serious injuries
  • 57% more likely more to suffer property loss and damage
    (*Metropolitan Fire Brigade)

When was the last time you checked if your smoke alarm was working?

If the battery is flat, it won’t make any sound at all. If the battery life is low, the alarm could stop sounding before your family is alerted to a fire and have time to escape. So how can you prevent a faulty smoke alarm from causing a disaster in your family home? Installing a hard-wired smoke alarm system in your home guarantees that your family will ALWAYS be alerted when there is a fire.

Hard-wired smoke alarm systems offer:

1. Reliability

  • The alarm will continue to sound until the alarm is turned off.

2. Battery Back-up

  • If the power to a hard-wired alarm is cut, the alarms have a back-up battery supply.

3. Interconnectivity

  • When linked together, if one hard-wired alarm goes off, they all go off. This immediately alerts EVERYONE in your home to the fire danger, giving them the best possible chance of escaping in time.

4. Compliance

  • When a licensed electrician installs your smoke alarm system, they are legally obligated to ensure that the placement of units complies with relevant building codes.


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