Is an Air-conditioner Better Than a Fan?

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We all know Melbourne can get bloody hot. So what's the best way to keep your cool this summer?

Unlike air-conditioners, fans do not decrease the temperature in the room.They just blow away the heat around your body, which helps your body's natural cooling process to work more effectively. But the hot air just gets moved around the room, there is no way of getting rid of it.

And your fan can't keep your warm on a cold night......

Air-conditioners on the other hand, use refrigeration to lower the temperature in the whole room - so you don't have to be sitting in front of the unit to keep your cool. Air flowing over the evaporator coils produces cold air, which is then circulated by the fans in the unit and distributed around the room. The unwanted hot air in the room is removed by the unit outside.

Five advantages of using an air-conditioner vs a fan

  • They maintain a set temperature
  • They remove humidity from the room
  • They cool an entire room
  • They keep you cold in summer and warm in winter
  • They all have remote controls

So if you are sick of tossing and turning all night because it's too hot to sleep and your fan just doesn't cut it, then it's time to get a FREE quote on a split-system air-conditioning unit.

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4.No Warranty Issues

5.Peace of Mind

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