What's Wrong With My Air-Conditioner?

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Most people only notice that their air-conditioner is not working properly when it starts blowing out hot air. But just like a car, an air-conditioner is a piece of machinery that needs regular maintenance to function effectively and efficiently throughout its lifetime. Neglecting your air-conditioner will result in a steady decline in its performance, and an increase in the amount of energy it uses to run it.

So what are the 5 most common (but fixable) problems that can affect your air-conditioner’s performance?

1. Dirty Air Filter

Dirty and clogged filters block normal airflow which significantly reduces your air-conditioner's efficiency. This can lead to premature failure of the compressor or fans and increases the cost of running your air-con.

2. Low Refrigerant

If your air-conditioner is low on refrigerant, it may have been undercharged when it was installed, or the unit is leaking refrigerant. Your air-conditioner will perform at its best when its refrigerant charge exactly matches the manufacturer’s specifications.

3. Frozen Evaporator Coil

This problem can cause your air-conditioner to stop working completely. Clogged air-filters, dirty coils, a lack of refrigerant and limited airflow are common reasons why evaporator coils freeze.

4. Sensor Problems

Air-conditioners have a thermostat sensor which measures the temperature of the air coming into the evaporative coil. If the sensor is not in the correct position, it can cause your air-conditioner to behave erratically.

5. Blocked Condenser

The condenser is the outside unit of your split-system air-conditioning unit and it is responsible for removing the hot air from inside your home to outside. If this unit is blocked, then your air-conditioner won’t function efficiently and may cause your unit to burn out prematurely.

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