09 May 2017

Do you need to test your safety switch?

Yes. A safety switch, also known as a Residual Current Device (RCD), is an important piece of equipment in your switchboard that helps prevent you and your family from being electrocuted in your home by faulty wiring, switches or electrical appliances.

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07 Mar 2017

Do You Really Need a Rangehood?

Cooking produces grease, moisture, steam, heat and smoke. Over time, these accumulate in your kitchen, causing unsightly stains and sticky surfaces to appear on your cabinets, walls and ceiling.

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24 Jan 2017

What's Wrong With My Air-Conditioner?

Just like a car, an air-conditioner is a piece of machinery that needs regular maintenance to function effectively and efficiently throughout its lifetime.

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11 Jan 2017

LED vs Halogen Lights - What's the Difference?

In the average Victorian home, lighting accounts for 15% of the total electricity bill. How can you reduce your lighting costs and what are the options?

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12 Dec 2016

How Reliable Is Your Smoke Alarm?

Victorian law stipulates that smoke alarms are compulsory in every home. But not all smoke alarms operate in the same way & offer the same peace of mind.

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21 Nov 2016

Is an Air-conditioner Better Than a Fan?

We all know Melbourne can get bloody hot. So whats the best way to keep your cool this summer?

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18 Oct 2016

Can I Claim My Electrical Repair on My Insurance?

When electrical emergencies arise, the bills can add up. Fortunately, home and content insurance plans give you peace of mind.

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