12 Dec 2016

How Reliable Is Your Smoke Alarm?

Victorian law stipulates that smoke alarms are compulsory in every home. But not all smoke alarms operate in the same way & offer the same peace of mind.

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21 Nov 2016

Is an Air-conditioner Better Than a Fan?

We all know Melbourne can get bloody hot. So whats the best way to keep your cool this summer?

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18 Oct 2016

Can I Claim My Electrical Repair on My Insurance?

When electrical emergencies arise, the bills can add up. Fortunately, home and content insurance plans give you peace of mind.

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25 Sep 2016

Why Circuit Breakers Trip

Ever wondered why your circuit tripped? Our teams explored a few important reasons why your home circuit trips and what you can do when it happens.

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23 Sep 2016

What Electrical Work is Needed for a Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen renovations are significant projects to undertake. Its important to have a full understanding of what electrical work is required. Read more.

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31 Oct 2013

Welcome to Laser Electrical Yarraville

Check back to see the latest news, updates and promotions from Laser Electrical Yarraville.

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