Is the Wiring in Your Home Safe?

Faulty wiring is a common cause of house and apartment fires in Australia. Although fire and building codes have improved over time making house wiring safer, a lot of old wiring still exists in homes around Australia.

Old electrical wiring can become worn out and frayed as the insulation around the wire degenerates, causing a dangerous situation behind your walls that you can't even see.

Homes today also have a lot more electrical appliances running in them than 10 or 20 years ago which can overload circuits and cause wiring to heat up under the strain - which can cause a fire.

5 Signs That There is a Problem with the Wiring in Your Home:

  1. Breakers and fusers go out regularly.
  2. Dimming or flickering lights.
  3. Buzzing, charred, or discoloured outlets or switches.
  4. Burning smell.
  5. Mild electrical shocks or tingles from outlets or appliances.

Can you fix these problems yourself?

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, it is highly likely that you have a serious electrical issue. If left unchecked, your home could burn down, resulting in death or serious injury to you, or a member of your family. 

Whilst there are many home handyman devices you can purchase to check different electrical problems around your home, the only way to be 100% sure that the electrical wiring in your home is safe is to have a qualified electrician to inspect it and make any necessary repairs. We offer a comprehensive safety check of your home to give you peace of mind.

For $99 we will check your:

  • Switchboard
  • Wiring
  • Safety Switch
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Earthing System
  • Test Switches & Powerpoints
  • Smoke Alarms

At the completion of our electrical safety inspection of your home, we will provide you with a written report which will outline recommendations for repairs to fix the problems that pose a threat to the safety of your home and your family. 

So call us on 1300 761 024 or email us today to book your electrical inspection.

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