5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Licensed Technician To Install Your Split-System Air-Conditioning Unit

It's officially winter. So now is the time to get your air-conditioning needs organised to keep your family warm and comfortable until warm weather returns.

It may seem like you all need to do is attach a unit on your wall and turn it on, but there's a little bit more involved to safely install the right size unit in your home.

A Laser Electrical Yarraville installed split-system air-conditioning unit offers you:


A Lifetime Guarantee on Installation

Our staff are ARC qualified which means they know how to correctly install air-conditioning units. Don't risk voiding the manufacturer's warranty by taking short cuts and installing a unit yourself.


The Right Size Unit for the Job

Not too big, not too small. Don't waste your money every time you turn your air-conditioner on. We calculate the exact size split-system unit you need to match the area you need to keep cool.


Trusted Brands That Last

We don't install cheap, unknown brands that don't last. If you have a brand preference, we are always happy to discuss it with you.


A 5 Year Warranty On All Units

When you purchase your split-system air-conditioning unit from us and we install it, we will take care of the warranty for five years. So if the unit stops working or suffers any type of fault, all you need to do is call us and we will take care of it.


Safe Installation

This means no leaking water on your paintwork and no dangerous gases leaking from the unit. We also ensure the external component of your unit is safely secured and protected from UV damage which means the unit will last longer.

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On Sale Now Until June 30th 2017

We provide installation across Melbourne on a large range of split-system air-conditioning brands for both domestic and commercial clients.

Don't miss out on our current specials running on a number of Fujitsu and Carrier units.

Fujitsu Models

Featuring stylish, standardised design across the range, the Lifestyle Series are the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have ever designed. They feature human sensor control, delivering optimum efficiency and temperature control.

Fujitsu 2.5kw ASTG09KMCA

$1,499 fully installed*

Fujitsu 5kw ASTG18KMCA

$2,049 fully installed*

Fujitsu 8kw ASTG30KMCA

$2,849 fully installed*


Founded by the inventor of modern air-conditioning, Willis Carrier, Carrier is one of the world's leaders in air-conditioning.

Carrier Australia split-system air-conditioners provide superior climate control for your home in a neat and functional installation, which won't detract from the design of your home.

All Carrier Australia's split-system air-conditioners include DC Inverter technology balanced with efficiency levels to give you a comfortable heating and cooling solution. And all their units are backed by Carrier's manufacturer warranty.

Carrier 2.5kw 38/42QHF25

$1,250 fully installed*

Carrier 5kw 38/42QHF50

$1,830 fully installed*

Carrier 8kw 38/42QHF80

$2,450 fully installed*