Why you should be talking fixed prices for all your electrical and solar work

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Incurring costs


There are many factors that contribute to the cost of a service, including but not limited to parts, labour and connection fees. With so many variables, a by-the-hour job can see customers incurring extra costs for unforeseeable circumstances such as human error and equipment problems. It is important for customers to have the peace of mind and an understanding of the company they are entrusting with a service that is expected to have longevity and be of sound quality.


Laser Electrical Yarraville has the solution to paying too much for services rendered: a fixed price scheme guaranteed to protect your money and the job outcome.


Time wasters


In paying a fixed price for an electrical or solar service, your money is safeguarded against inefficient time use. A set price ensures that you are getting the service you paid for, rather than footing the bill for inefficient tradespeople. Often, workers will feel the liberty to move at a slower pace if it racks up hours for the job.


Budget control


Another concern customers frequently face is the uncertainty of meeting their budget. Often, electrical and solar work is part of a bigger job, which increases the time and cost implications faced by service seekers. Whether it is a lengthy job that is one of many steps in a build or renovation, or it is an upgrade or repair, the company chosen can be the make or break of time and cost efficiency.


With so many companies around offering similar services, many use an hourly rate as a way of maximising profits, often resulting in the clients paying for more than they bargained for. Fixed price services ensure that companies are motivated by their clients, taking pride in the services they produce and proving to their valued clients that they offer a quality outcome with a sensitivity to their budget.


Honouring quotes


Service providers that offer a fixed price model demonstrate a commitment to honouring quotes and making the most of their client's valuable time. You should pay for the service you've asked for - not the time it takes to do so.


This scheme allows service providers to distinguish themselves from other companies who offer a 'low rate' but are happy to take more time doing the job, thus resulting in a higher cost for clients.


Client-centric businesses understand that works of this nature are time sensitive - a set price system promises a quality output whilst allowing them to complete the work in a timely manner.


What to look for


Included in most fixed price promises, services are tailored to individual site needs and specifications, often with comprehensive energy saving and energy efficiency knowledge, designed to save you money in usage costs in addition to a cost-effective installation.


In choosing a service with a set price, clients can assume that the company has confidence in the legitimacy of their work, with qualified staff, full accreditation, and a dedication to providing a high-quality service.