5 Reasons You Should Go Solar

With continuing improvements in home solar system performance, reliability and batter storage capabilities, there are many good reasons to take advantage of the current government rebate schemes for installing a solar system at your home.

Here are our top five benefits for going solar:

1. It will save you money on your electricty bill. 
Installing solar power means you can generate your own electricity which means that you can buy less from your electricity company. The size or your solar system, the timing of your daily energy consumption, and your feed-in tariff rate will all contribute to cost savings on your electricity bill.

2. Its clean energy.
As long as the sun is shining, every home has the potential to generate its own electricity. Unlike fossil fuels which pollute the environment, generating solar energy has very few long-term environmental consequences.

3. It increases the value of your home.
With electricity bills continuing to rise year on year, home buyers are increasingly attracted to the cost saving benefits of a home that has solar panels installed.

4. Energy independence from the grid.
Recent blackouts in South Australia would suggest that our electricity supply is not as reliable as it used to be. Solar panels can produce a predictable amount of electricity which can be captured in lithium-ion batteries, which means you could produce all your own power needs and go completely off-grid. Consumers are well aware of the increase in electricity prices over the past few years. They are also very aware of the need for us to collectively reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we are emitting in to the atmosphere.

5. It's low maintenance.
Once your panels are installed, there’s not a lot of maintenance required aside from an annual inspection by a qualified technician to ensure all the panels are in good working order and to confirm that the system is working correctly.

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