What's all the fuss about solar battery storage? 

At the 2017 HIA Home Show in Melbourne, the biggest buzz was around the Tesla stand. Their latest battery product, the Powerwall 2, is primarily designed to store the power that you generate from your home and business solar panels.

Increased competition in lithium battery storage technology has contributed to a steady decline in battery prices over the last couple of years. These lower prices, combined with improved battery performance, means households and businesses are able to recover the costs of their investment in solar storage batteries faster than ever before. 

The five key benefits of installing a solar storage battery:

1. Save money during peak times on your electricty bill. 
Storing power from your solar system means that you can use this excess power during peak times, rather than having to purchase electricity from your energy provider.

2. Make money from your solar system.
You can sell your stored power that you don't need back to energy providers, and therefore increasing the return from your solar system investment. 

3. Maximise your solar consumption.
Being able to store power in your battery means that you can access it during times when your system may not be functioning - like on a cloudy day.

4. Provide backup power to your home.
Having a way to store the power produced from your solar system means that you can access it during a blackout, so you'll never be left in the dark without WIFI again.

5. Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.
If your household or business uses minimal power from the grid, you are helping to create a clean energy world that is less reliant on burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. 

System capabilities and functionality, like the type of inverter you install, will impact on how your storage battery can be incorporated into your solar system, as well as its ability to function in the way that you want it to.

So even if you can't afford to install a storage battery with your system now, you may want to consider installing a battery-ready solar system that includes all the necessary components so that you can easily retro-fit one in the future.

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