Does your home need surge protection?

Electricity is constantly flowing into your home. But it’s not constant. It fluctuates all the time, causing small surges through your expensive home appliances and devices. These items contain expensive and sensitive electronic components that are easily affected by power surges. Weather events like lightning strikes can also cause damaging surges into your home.

What is a power surge?
Standard voltage in Australian homes is 240 Volts. A power surge occurs when the voltage rises above 240 volts for more than three nanoseconds (three billionths of a second) or more.

What is surge protection?
Too much voltage coming into your home doesn't always blow up your appliances and electronic devices straight away. But over time, voltage surges do put a strain on their components, wearing them down until they eventually stop working altogether. The main role of surge protector devices is to protect your electronics and appliances from voltage surges.

Types of surge protection
There are two ways to protect your home and it’s contents from surge protection:

1. Whole-house surge protection.
2. Surge-protected powerboards.

Whole-house surge protection
Whole-house surge protection devices are installed in your meter box by an electrician. These devices limit the amount of electricity entering your home so any additional voltage is stopped from messing with the electronic components in your appliances and systems. They also protect you from power surges that start from inside your home.

Surge-protected powerboards
Powerboards with surge protection can be purchased from your local hardware store. They don’t stop power surges from entering your home, they only stop surges AFTER they have entered.  And they can only protect devices and appliances that are plugged directly into them. Electronic systems like alarm systems and CCTV systems, home-automation systems can’t be protected by just plugging them into a surge protected powerboard.

Protecting your investments
Surges are happening in your home everyday. So If you have invested lots of your hard earned money on smart appliances and electronic devices like wide screen TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, laptops, ipads, home theatre systems etc, then you need to provide them with the best surge protection available.

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